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CPUC Delays AT&T ETC Relinquishment Docket

The California Public Utilities Commission extended deadlines for intervenor and rebuttal testimony on AT&T’s application to relinquish its eligible telecom carrier (ETC) designation across the state. Administrative Law Judge Thomas Glegola granted a request by The Utility Reform Network (TURN)…

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and Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT) Friday in docket A.23-03-002. The ALJ extended the intervenor deadline until Nov. 30 from Oct. 25 and the deadline for AT&T’s rebuttal to Jan. 19 from Nov. 30. Glegola rejected AT&T opposition to giving the consumer groups more time to respond. “AT&T’s ETC service territory spans hundreds of thousands of census blocks and AT&T asserts multiple ETCs serve these census blocks,” so it’s “reasonable to conclude that a consultant likely is necessary to perform the analysis needed for TURN and CforAT to prepare its testimony,” the ALJ wrote. ”AT&T’s argument regarding the amount of time the intervenors have had to review the information it has filed ignores that AT&T has twice updated this information.” The CPUC declined last month to consolidate the proceeding with AT&T’s separate request (docket A.23-03-003) to shed carrier of last resort obligations (see 2309210014).